Sick Behaviors

I arrive at home from work to find my five-year-old laying on the couch watching cartoons. Instantly I can tell he’s not himself. Usually when I walk through the door, he’ll run into my arms, raving about some exciting thing that happened in his day. But this time, he doesn’t even look my way. He lays there droopy, listless and dejected. It’s obvious that he’s sick. It’s nothing remarkable to say that a person’s behavior can tell us when they’re feeling sick. But the reason why we show the behaviors that we do when we're feeling ill is a curious thing to wonder about. Intuitively, we might think that the behaviors connected to illness are nothing more than passive side-effects from the body’

The Time of Our Lives

We all know the feeling: you settle in for a cozy Saturday morning of sleeping in after a long week of work. The blinds are shut, the alarm is off, and nothing is standing between you and the hours of sleep you crave, and then… you wake up. It’s 6 am, the time at which you force yourself to rise every Monday through Friday for a day at the office. The only thing you want to do is sleep in, but apparently, your brain didn’t get the memo. Like clockwork, your groggy eyes open, and against your will, you’re awake. Actually, it’s exactly like clockwork, and that clock, unfortunately, doesn’t have a snooze button. Humans, along with so many other living organisms, possess biological clocks called